Fact or Fiction: Small Town Consumers are Behind When it Comes to the Digital World

Helping small business owners with their digital strategies has proven to be a rewarding career. Many of my customers operate in small towns in south Texas and a question that has been posed on a couple of occasions is, “are small town consumers online?”


Growing up in small towns my whole life, we sometimes joke that we’re “behind the times” and are last to have access to everything. Last to get the latest fashions. Last to get the cool restaurant chain. Last to get the new wine or craft beer selections. But is the same true of the Internet? Do consumers in smaller towns not have access to smartphones, laptops, LTE coverage and Internet service?


A quick Google search of a few small towns in South Texas shows that each have multiple stores where they can purchase smartphones, tablets and laptops. Both from major brand carriers, small independent dealers, and even Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Of course, there are no restrictions on where you have to buy your devices so some choose to order online or travel to their closest “big town”.


Phone carriers have done a great job over the last five years of expanding LTE coverage into rural America. Even areas once thought of as no mans land now have unfettered access to the Internet through LTE coverage on their phones and other mobile devices.


Cable companies too have invested billions into high-speed Internet access in an effort to diversify their services portfolio. It’s a critical component of their business model as Americans continue to “cut the cable cord” and now stream more content online. Even in small towns across Texas, cable companies provide broadband Internet access. In many of these small towns, there are often several other companies that also provide high-speed access.


In conclusion, here’s some interesting data to illustrate my point. Cuero is a small town in South Texas with a population of 7,005 based on the 2013 census. Guess how many active Facebook users are in Cuero? Around 5 - 6k!!!   While small, it’s obvious that residents of Cuero are not behind the times when it comes to being online. I’d be willing to bet Cuero is not the exception but the rule.


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