Instagram Live: New Ways to Share in the Moment

Instagram heads into 2017 with a new addition to their platform – Instagram Live. What does this live video feed mean for your business? 

With over 100 million daily users, Instagram is becoming a must have social platform for all businesses. This image dominant social media site allows you to connect through visual images and hashtags. Wrapping up 2016, Instagram Stories made its debut – allowing users and businesses to post images and videos that have a 24-hour lifespan. 


Quickly following the launch of Instagram Stories, Instagram Live became available. This new feature provides the opportunity to stream real time videos similar to Facebook Live or Periscope on Twitter. One of the unique aspects of Instagram Live is that once the broadcast ends, it is no longer accessible. With the information quickly disappearing, a sense of urgency is created to be sure your followers log on to not miss out. Your followers are notified when you go “live” and they can post emojis and comments as your video plays on. This allows a deeper dive than what the follower would typically see within your feed. Here are three ways you can incorporate Instagram Live into your social media campaign:


  1. Behind the Scenes

Instagram Live can humanize your business and give followers an inside look to what goes on day to day within the business. At Advocate Digital Media, we encourage our customers to provide an insight on their social media pages that cultivate a personal relationship – followers want to see more than just a standard every day image. Recommendations often include bios about the staff, how products are made, staff events, or even business trips. Instagram Live is a deeper dive into that and provides the opportunity to humanize on another level – instant satisfaction.


  1. Live Demo/How your product works

The regular Instagram feed and stories have a limit of 1 minute for video. Instagram Live allows up to 1 hour of video interaction. This is an excellent time to show your followers a personalized demo or how to best use your products.


  1. Question and Answer Session

Instagram Live can be utilized to answer common questions that are often asked about your business or products. As you gain engaged followers, encourage them to send in questions and, of course, tune in when you are going live. While you are live, followers are able to post questions right on the live feed that you can answer. This feature allows immediate response and engaged followers to better understand your business.


Contact ADM today to talk about how to optimize your social media campaigns and best utilize the new feature of Instagram Live. And, check out our latest case study on Pandora, the streaming music titan. We want you in the know on the latest digital advertising options!

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