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Advocate Digital Set to Win Multiple Awards at 2016 American Advertisings Awards – Corpus Christi

Advocate Digital Media, a full-service digital agency and Google Partner located in Victoria, Texas, will be recognized at the 2016 American Advertising ADDY Awards in five areas as well as four individual awards. 

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Ways to Reach Consumers in 2016

Imagine, if you will, a typical morning routine. You come into the office enjoying your cup of coffee preparing for the day ahead. It’s still early and you’re not quite ready to start on that big project just yet, so you turn on your favorite Pandora music. Just to make sure you haven’t missed anything a friend has posted, you check Facebook. Being a concerned citizen, you take a look at the local newspaper website and catch up on current events. 

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Make your social media work for you

Ignoring the elephant in the room is no longer an option: whether you like it or not, people are talking about your business online. If

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Navigating Social Media Platforms

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the main social media platforms businesses use to increase prominence online.

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