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Adam Mahan

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Do You Know Where Your Money Is Going

It’s never a fun reality shock when you’re organizing your household budget and analyzing your monthly bank statements, and the total amount spent in the “restaurants” category strikes you in the face. The small purchases that you didn’t think would affect your bank ticker ended up eating a massive portion of your monthly and yearly income. According to a 2011 article, 57% of American households do not have a budget. Over half of us have no spending plan in place and the lack of a financial plan will undoubtedly invite spontaneous, and often reckless, spending. This all too pervasive habit not only means less money but it also prevents you from making smart, beneficial decisions with your money.

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Digital Strategy — Not Just for Big Business

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Co-op Advertising: Local Business’ Long Lost Loot

Imagine you were strolling down a park sidewalk and out of the corner of your eye, you notice something floating through the air.  What first appears to be a large leaf turns out to be a single hundred-dollar bill!  As you approach the floating bill, you find there are more, drifting in your path. Following the trail of “Flying Benjamins,” you stumble upon a large stash of cash, buried within the brush. Next to the cash pile is a sign that reads, “Free money – sign up now.” A trove of abandoned money and an open invitation for free cash.  Would you just walk away? 

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